Philly Cheesesteak!

25 Dec

Eating a Cheesesteak Sandwich at Tony Lukes

You know you’re a food addict when….you drive all the way from Baltimore to Philly for no other reason than to eat a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich and a Cannoli.  The most famous of cheesesteak places in town are Pat’s and Geno’s.  That’s where you go if you are a tourist.  If you want the BEST cheesesteak in town, then you need to head to South Philly to Tony Lukes.  I sampled 3 of their delectable sandwiches. The traditional cheesesteak with onions and cheese whiz (you order it by saying “Whiz Wit”) was of course to die for.  My god am I glad to be a meat-eater.  The cheese whiz was like a warm, cheesy, runny blanket that oozed with beauty and clung to the meat like an obsessive ex-girlfriend.  Amazing!  I also tried the Italian Steak — steak with provolone and broccoli rabe.   I love that distinct bitter taste of the rabe against the sweet and smoky provolone.   But wait, the fun hasn’t stopped yet!  Did you think I was done at 2 cheesesteaks?  Come on!  I’m Italian!  Next up was the roasted pork sandwich, also with provolone  and broccoli rabe.  The pork was so tender and juicy it nearly melted in my mouth.   It’s a must have.  6 cheesesteaks later Marco, Renzo, Rigo, and I were disgustingly yet without reservations full, and having a critical discussion about when we would be eating cannolis.  We put those anorexic LA girls to shame….

One Response to “Philly Cheesesteak!”

  1. Rebecca Schinella January 30, 2012 at 9:15 AM #

    So, my dear cousin, I took your advice. To the vexation of my travelling party I INSISTED that we not visit Pat’s or Geno’s but instead – being the chauffeur for the day – I dragged them to Tony Luke’s. Good call. I loved it! I ate the steak italian and the broccoli rabe was the perfect touch. I almost wished I got the pork sandwich but then I might have felt that I missed my opportunity to eat a cheesesteak in Philly so my decision was made. We travelled to Termini’s as well (also upon your suggestion) and though I thought a canoli after THAT sandwich might be guilding the lilly my sweet tooth won out and it was the icing on the cake to a nearly perfect road trip. Thanks for the foodie advice! I can’t wait to go on one of these “eat, drink, be merry” journeys with you. It will be a blast!

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