Ilaria Brun del Re

Greetings from the wonderful world of Ilaria’s food blog. Here I will share many things with you all.

One is my love for cooking. Many are family recipes that have been passed on to me by my Italian family. Others are recipes that I come up with or modify from other recipes I find.

Another is my love of drinks. I’ve been in a long-term serious relationship with Beer.  I LOOOOOVE Beer. Not big name corporate beer… but craft beer, local beer, the ones that you’ve probably never heard of.  My boyfriend and I even make our own beer!  I also have an on and off relationship with craft mixed drinks… the ones that are created by Mixologists… not your average bartender.

Lastly is my love of FOOD! I may be tiny, but I LOVE to eat good food.  I am a foodie. I love discovering new types of food, styles and methods of cooking, and different ways of combining different ingredients.  I will be posting restaurant reviews, mostly from Los Angeles, but also other hidden gems that we discover as we travel the world.

Grazie for visiting my blog and I hope you come back and visit often.

-Ilaria Brun del Re


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