Coffee is my religion

22 Jan

A weekday evening at approximately 7pm:

Rigo – “Baby, I bought us some home roasted coffee from the farmer’s market!”

Me – “Home roasted?…. really?”


Oh LA.  The land of small farming, backyard beekeeping, and yes, now we have home roasted coffee.  Behold Papua New Guinea organic home roast by Alana’s coffee roasting co. — located in the owner’s house, sold at farmer’s markets, and available with a bonus home delivery option.  This particular bag was less than $20 per pound, though he also offers a roast that is $70 per pound.  Naturally it was already sold out that day.  I opened the bag to smell the beans and was enveloped in the most perfect air of roasted sweet coffee goodness.  The scent was so lovely that I popped a bean in my mouth and crunched down on it with pure satisfaction.  The flavor preview was incredible.  Like an ecstatic dog waiting to bust out the front door after he hears the word “walk”, I could not wait to brew up this coffee.

The next morning I leaped out of bed, ran downstairs, whipped out my french press, threw a pot of water on the stove, and started grinding.  Approximately 6 minutes later I took my first sip…I thought I heard a chorus of angels descending upon me. That’s when I knew – this coffee is damn amazing.  I could smell and taste the earth, the sun, and the love that all combined to make this incredible caffeinated creation.  I was in love. Not just in love – I was infatuated, I was obsessed, and I was ready to run to Vegas and get married with this coffee.

Coffee is one of my greatest and most treasured pleasures in life.  How lucky I am to live in a city that feels the same way.

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